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Sixth - Eighth Grade

"As a St Paul's Alumnus myself, I now understand the foundation St Paul's gave me and I wanted that for my son. Truly caring teachers and faculty, as well as a community of families that embraced helping one another, and in building our faith in God together. To watch my son thrive and develop the learning skills to help him succeed that I still use to this day in my career is amazing. As a working parent during such difficult and scary times in our city and country, to be able to drop him off and know he will be safe, loved and always cared for is simply priceless."
- Anjélica G., St. Paul's Alumna, and mom of Daniel G., Class of 2023
Middle school is a pivotal academic and personal time in our children's lives. St Paul's sets up students for success in high school and beyond - and our teachers support them with love and mentorship every step of the way.  Our graduates get accepted to and flourish at the San Francisco area's top high schools, including St. Ignatius, Archbishop Riordan, Lick-Wilmerding, Lowell, Sacred Heart Cathedral, St. Joseph Notre Dame, Immaculate Conception Academy, International School of Brussels, University High School, Urban, School of the Arts - and many to those schools’ Honors programs.
"The teachers at St. Paul's are people who love to teach and love what they teach, giving me the best possible education."
- Current 7th grader, Class of 2024
Middle school students are in session from 8:00am - 3:15pm and are taught English language arts, math, social studies and religion by the homeroom teacher daily. All our middle schoolers experience daily departmentalized, lab-based science class with the science teacher. Seventh and eighth graders rotate teachers for math and English language arts to prepare them for managing high school schedules.
"The St Paul's middle school program is awesome! Very consistent and solid. The students are beyond prepared for high school. The study habits and workload are intentional and focused on building successful, well-rounded young minds."
- Michelle C., mom of Eva C., Class of 2023 and Andres, Class of 2025
We believe in nourishing well-rounded students who not only excel academically but also enjoy a holistic STEAM education. All students are offered PE, library, technology and music classes. Current after school enrichment options include Spanish, Lego Engineering, Kidstock musical theater, chess and coding classes. 
Our 3rd floor middle school students have opportunities to serve on Student Council to develop leadership and communication skills, join clubs and enrichment classes that inspire their creativity and imagination, and work 1-1 on MacBooks to keep pace with current technology.

St. Paul middle school students successfully juggle the rigor of an academic program, receiving letter grade report cards, taking field trips, and being paired with buddy students in various grades to develop them as mentors.

If your child is ready for a middle school experience that offers academic excellence, a diverse community, character-building and a beautiful and safe campus, please CONTACT US TODAY for a tour or a conversation.
"St. Paul's middle school curriculum truly prepares students for high school. As a parent of three St. Paul's students, one 8th grader, and two of whom are in high school, I have seen firsthand how well prepared they were to start that new phase in their lives. The middle school teachers are experienced, focused on a high-quality education, they genuinely care, and are invested in our children's success. They are exceptional educators that work with students with warmth and patience. I am grateful to St. Paul's for providing such a solid academic and community-oriented foundation for my children." 
- María P., St. Paul's Alumna, and Mom to Victor P., Class of 2019, Sofía P., Class of 2022 and Daniel P., Class of 2023