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St. Paul's Technovation Teams

 A global technology entrepreneurship program for girls 10 to 18. St. Paul's Middle School girls form teams and participate in this app coding challenge. They identify a need in their community, come up with an app idea to help solve this problem, develop a business plan and create a pitch presentation.
 Two St. paul's teams went to the
Technovation Pitch event on May 12th, 2018
at salesforce to pitch their App idea in front of a panel of judges. 
​Well done, Girls!


Many teens suffer from anxiety, depression and stress. Our app offers different resources for teens to tap into when they feel a need for someone to help them that is not a family member.


The Magnificent Four

Our app helps teens find things to do around their cities.

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Middle School Apps

6th graders create a Soundboard app.

Students find 3 images and code the app that when you tap the pictures a sound plays.
7th graders create a Paint Pot App.

Students upload an image or add a camera feature and code the app so that you can choose different colors and line width to paint the image.

Past years' App Ideas from St. Paul's students


What Would You Do is an emergency preparedness app for natural disasters in your area. WWUD includes many features to help prevent others from not being prepared in life or death situations, and is not for in the moment. These features include a way to form a group from people in your contacts in case of an emergency, extra information on natural disasters for the user to learn more about earthquakes, floods, and fires, an emergency checklist, a GPS feature to check if your location is safe, tips on how to get through a natural disaster, and post disaster advice.

Tech Linguistics

Our app, Bon Marché Market, helps the user (middle class, single parents, preferably on a tight budget) find inexpensive, quality grocery items in their area. Our app is different from others, in that, it shows the options in order of location, not order of richest sponsor. This will help solve the problem of not having enough money to by the best food for one’s family, the disappearing middle class. How is our app helping this problem? Well, our app is easy to use and very focused on just the healthiest option for your family. Shop now with Bon Marche Market!

The Sweets

Our app targets graduating students in college that need help spending their money wisely. With this app we hope that when college students are faced with paying their college debt they can use our app. When they use this app we hope that it can help to pay off their debt in the amount of time they want, so when it comes to paying their debt they can pay it off more quickly. When a customer signs in, it will give them a quiz and then there is a results page and it tells you what to pay in the time you wanted.


Our app is called TechPaws because the function is to help animals find their forever homes. The app does this by putting the information, such as adoption events, pet profiles,etc, in an easier to use format. Our current target market is people in the Bay Area who are looking to foster or adopt. In the future, we would like to expand the app throughout America, moving by proximity to us. Before we began coding we researched apps similar to ours so we could assess them. We realized that the other apps were not very functional nor did they have the best layouts.
Technovation:  The global technology entrepreneurship program for girls 10 to 18.   


We're helping those that are not currently prepared for natural disasters by informing users about the facts of certain natural disasters, and helping them prepare with checklists and steps.
Be Prepared. Survive. Recover. What Would You Do (WWYD) is a free app to help you prepare for natural disasters. WWYD provides GPS based preparedness tips for the top three natural disasters in your area. Our app is unique for several reasons; it's created by 6th graders, free, colorful - and more importantly, it's very specific and GPS based.


Our environment is very important. Our school is not the best at putting waste in the right bin. San Francisco wants to achieve “Zero Waste” by 2020. This is why we have “WhichBin”.
Our App, “WhichBin” pulls information from Recology  (Bay-Area Garbage Collection Agency) to let the user know which bin to throw waste into; compost, recycling or the landfill. We ask every last detail in a series of questions, to make sure that the results are 100% correct. It’s also mobile. Once you download to your phone, you don’t need wifi, and can be anywhere.


Teens (especially girls) are getting addicted to bad food and are susceptible to eating disorders. We are twelve year-old girls and we want to find a solution.
DIY Healthy Cravings is an an alternative snack app for helping people to stay healthy with good food choices.  You can share recipes, add healthy alternative food and add comments. Our app scans foods and determines sugar, fat and calories. You can check it while at a store and use the camera to scan a food bar-code and seek a healthier alternative.

Programming Princesses

List & Found helps teams, schools, and clubs return lost items to their owners.
When someone from your team finds a lost item, they launch List & Found App. They use the integrated camera feature to take a picture of the item and type a description of it.  List & Found sends push notifications to your team groups so users can see what was recently found at a glance, and found items are viewed with a push of a button. It is simple, easy, and time efficient.
Verizon App Challenge, Dec 2014.

Hydrus Water App

California is in its third year of drought and we need to conserve water.  We feel that people would conserve more, if they had a better idea of how much water they currently use.

Our App monitors your daily water usage.
  • It will send you a push notification if it finds any abnormal patterns. So, if you have a leak it will alert you and you can avoid your house being flooded.
  • The app will use the GPS locator on your phone to compare your water usage to similar sized homes in your neighborhood.
  • It will let you know if you use above or below average usage for your home size.