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The St. Paul’s community participates in a variety of fundraising events throughout the year.  Fundraising helps keep tuition affordable, supports extracurricular athletic and enrichment programs, and helps repay debt that was taken out for school construction and church repairs. Currently there are three fundraising  groups, all of which work together to support St. Paul's:
The Preservation Fund, dedicated to help raise funds to repay the debt and support the school
The Parent Teacher Group, which supports the schools enrichment program
The Athletic Board, which helps support the schools sports programs. 

Our primary fundraisers include Oktoberfest in October; the Dinner Dance and Auction held each November to support the Preservation Fund; the annual Athletic Board's springtime Crab feed which supports the Athletic Program; and Family Bingo night, which support the Parent Teacher Group.

Community Giving

A number of generous merchants donate to the school when you sign up with their program:

Lucky’s S.H.A.R.E.S. Program: Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education & Sports. The S.H.A.R.E.S. program is an easy, free and efficient way to bring funds into St. Paul's School. 
Our group ID: 50665

e-SCRIPT Safeway, Pak N Save & VONS Shopper
Registered scrip families who have designated ST. PAUL’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL as the recipient of eScrip reward contributions from purchases automatically help earn funds for our group.

Target's Take Charge of Education Program - 1% of purchases will be donated to St. Paul's School. Click the name to enroll or call 1-800-316-6142.

Office Depot - St. Paul's gets a 5% purchasing credit. School ID: 70014170.

General Mills, Campbell's Soup & Tyson's Foods: Collect boxtops and labels and turn them into the collection sites at school.