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 St. Paul's School Building
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Our Living Legacy Depends Upon You

Since its founding in 1916, the history of St. Paul’s School has been inextricably bound to the history of San Francisco. For nearly a century, its student body has crystalized the grand aspirations of generations of immigrants who came to Noe Valley and the Mission to create a better life for themselves and even more significantly, their children.

Today, as it has for nearly a century, St. Paul’s provides the foundation to life-long learning and success to every child who passes through its doors. This living legacy is the Mission of St. Paul’s. A living legacy steeped in academic excellence and a commitment to social justice that affirms the goals and honors the sacrifices of all the St. Paul’s families who came before.

To ensure that this legacy continues for every child, regardless of economic circumstances, is our responsibility. St. Paul’s depends upon you to help it fund financial aid for students in need, extracurricular activities and academic enrichment programs, field trips, and additional educational and artistic programs. 

Never before has the need for your support been greater than it is now. St. Paul’s School has long been a pillar of our wonderfully diverse San Francisco communities. To ensure that this living legacy continues, we ask you to please make a donation today to support St. Paul’s School. There is no finer gift you can offer for the future of our children and our community. This living legacy depends upon you.