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Kindergarten Enrollment


Kindergarten Admissions

2021-2022 School Year
Eligible children must be five (5) years old prior to September 1, 2021. 

Applications will be available in October for the upcoming school year. Thirty (30) children are admitted to the kindergarten class. Any remaining applicants will be added to a waiting list. Siblings, St. Paul’s Parish families, Littlest Angels Preschool and out-of-parish families will be given preference.  

Kindergarten Readiness 
Readiness for kindergarten includes, but is not limited to, social skills, preschool experience, familiarity with books, puzzles, playground games, blocks/Lego-type toys, playmate experience with children of their own age, ability to speak clearly, understanding limits (i.e., “no” means “no”), an established routine of early bedtime and adequate sleep, independent toileting, and the ability to write name, a few letters and numbers. 

The Kindergarten Readiness Screening has been paused at this time.  We've found that satisfactory preschool questionnaire, along with complete application packet provide sufficient data in order to determine Kindergarten readiness.  Any questions can be resolved with a conversation with the principal and/or Kindergarten teacher.

Kindergarten Enrollment Process

1.   You can access our application packet here. Please submit by USPS or email; we will confirm completion of your application by email. 

2.   Have your child’s current Preschool teacher complete the Preschool Questionnaire.  
​      Have the Preschool (and only the Preschool) mail it to:
      St. Paul’s School, Attention: Admissions
      1690 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94131

3.   Application packets must include:
      ▪  A completed application
      ▪  Copies of Birth and Baptism Certificates (Originals will be required upon request.)
      ▪  A current record of all immunizations
      ▪  $75.00 non-refundable Application Fee

Your application will not be considered complete until all of the above referenced information is submitted to the office. 

4.   Families will be notified by mail of their child's acceptance beginning January 8, 2021. Once you receive your notification of acceptance, you will be required to submit a $575 deposit in order to reserve space for your child. This deposit will also serve as your registration fee. Once the school releases the annual registration packets, you will receive your packet for completion and submission. There will also be a $100.00 technology fee due at that time. A classroom supply fee of $120.00 will be collected in June. All fees are subject to change.